How to choose the perfect playlist for any occasion?
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Today, we have numerous online services, multimedia tools, and applications to sort our favorite music as we wish. The choice of streaming music services and songs or albums to download to your computer, phone, or any other device is so vast that you should keep all these contents in the archives or some hidden folder.


If you are a perfectionist, you undoubtedly already have your songs and albums well archived on your electronic devices or online streaming accounts and easily found. Thanks to tags and lists, they will already be divided by artist, genre, style, or theme.

With playlists, for example, in Spotify, you can create collections of music tracks based on a musical genre or style, the author, the year, etc. Playlists allow you to have your favorite music available immediately without searching for individual tracks, which you can mix according to your taste or what inspires you. You can dare bizarre juxtapositions or select a theme according to the moment or occasion you listen to. Do you know how to build a playlist? Below, we give you some tips!

How to choose the perfect playlist?

Online music streaming services offer a vast choice; within which it is so easy to get lost. Tens of thousands of tracks that one quickly forgets existing. These services require a monthly subscription, or some are free, as long as you are willing to be interrupted by advertisements (such as Spotify) every two or three songs. Then, some instead sell songs and albums for download to your device, not to mention podcasts or audiobooks, which deserve separate consideration.

Once you have chosen your streaming service, or downloaded your favorite music, or even uploaded songs from your old CDs to your computer, it is important to sort them properly so that you can find them right away when you want to listen to them.

The main filings, of course, are those by artist name and by musical genre, rock, pop, classical, jazz, world, disco, etc. As we mentioned above, however, you can create your own original playlists, even combining quite different music.

Streaming services help you with this, with systems already set up for creating playlists. They also offer automatic playlists that select music for you via an algorithm based on your listening. This especially useful service allows you to discover music you did not know about, similar to your tastes.

You can unleash your imagination and make the most varied playlists for any occasion. Here are some suggestions.

Wake-up playlist

It would help if you chose soft music to avoid an automatic awakening, starting with soothing instrumental tracks or ones that play the sounds of nature. Even some acoustic music is perfect!


Relaxation break playlist


When you want to relax, lie down on a comfortable sofa or armchair, close your eyes, and listen to your favorite music with headphones connected to your iPad or smartphone. Start with a few soft tunes to relax, then turn up the tempo to recharge your batteries. Smooth jazz, art music, and classical music can be great starting points.


Playlist for playing online


For most video games or casino game players who visit sites like Bodog, their "play music" is a subsection within the music they like and associate positive thoughts with. That can be anything-classic rock, R&B, pop, jazz, blues, country, hip-hop, reggae-you name it.

The right background music is also part of a relaxing environment that helps improve mood, reduce stress, and think clearly while playing any kind of game. The more complicated the game – the more relaxed you want to be and nice sounds of music is the way to go.

Playlist for study and work

Some people like to listen to background music while working or studying. To help concentration, choose instrumental, classical, or soundtrack music. It is best to avoid songs if you do intellectual work.

Playlist for physical activity

Workout music has become a valuable companion for millions of people: it helps maintain effort and pace while facilitating concentration and relieving fatigue. So, what's the best workout music?

Some people prefer the latest hits on the radio, while others carefully prepare playlists that encourage different moods for functional training and songs for cardio or weight training.

More and more gym-goers choose music streaming to create playlists following different styles and genres, but above all, different rhythms. The important thing for them is that the music boosts them to start training!

Mealtime playlists

Choose music that can be played in the background at lunch or dinner, depending on whether you are with company or alone. This can be an accompaniment while you cook and set the table, pop, melodic, or art songs that create an atmosphere without jolting.

Playlist for the holidays

Although we still have to wait for parties with friends, unless they are online, you can improvise as a DJ in choosing music to enliven an evening. Calibrate your choices according to your tastes and those of your friends. Start with upbeat and engaging music to warm up the atmosphere and then gradually increase in tempo and intensity. Danceable songs and catchphrases will be the main course.

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